Handy Tips

Handy Tips to Prepare Your Home for sale

Staging a Bathroom

The effect you're going for is to create a spa-like experience in your own bathroom. You want potential purchasers to love your bathroom like the rest of the home. Spa accessories are related to water and nature. Think Asian influence and choose items in tranquil, soft colours.

Presentation Check List

It’s important to make sure your property looks its best from the moment it goes onto the market. Here are our top tips for presenting your property.

Top Home Showing tips for Sellers

When you show your home, you want to engage the buyer emotionally because the decision to buy is based more on emotions, and less on logic. Give the buyer permission to say, "Yes, I want to buy this home," by staging, accentuating your home's positive attributes, and do not draw any attention to the negative aspects.